Checkpoint Arena Goes Live! - 2023-08-06

Today we are releasing the first public version of Checkpoint Arena.
The goal of this site is to showcase various Stable Diffusion image generation checkpoints, and allow you to compare their outputs on some basic prompts. If you want to learn more about the site's goals and methodology, check out the about page here.

Current Features

In this first release, you can see an overview of all included checkpoints in the Checkpoints view, which also allows you to navigate to a dedicated page for each checkpoint, for example the Photon checkpoint.
The Compare view allows you to compare the output of two different checkpoints for the same prompt and seed, and also quickly navigate through different prompts.
Finally, the Advanced view lets you query any combination of checkpoints, positive and negative prompts, and seeds. However, it might be slightly more difficult to use and navigate than the other pages.

What's Next

We hope to continue to expand both the dataset and the interface for Checkpoint Arena. One thing you might have noticed is that currently, only Stable Diffusion 1.5 checkpoints are included. SD1.5 currently offers the most mature ecosystem, and there are clearly established best practices, while SD2.x never really caught on in the community.
However, we do hope to include SDXL checkpoints once the tool support and community for it has matured a bit and a good set of custom checkpoints and best practices are available.


Finally, note that Checkpoint Arena is an open source project, and your contributions are welcome. Check the about page for details.

Dataset date: Mon Aug 07 2023
Checkpoint Arena on GitHub