Checkpoint Arena is a free and open source hobbyist project, with the goal of providing a quick overview of the results generated by many popular Stable Diffusion checkpoints with a set of uniform, standardized and simple prompts.



All images you can browse and compare on this page were created using a uniform process, with the following parameters:

Checkpoint Selection

Due to the combinatorial nature of this site, adding a new checkpoint or prompt requires a significant time commitment. At this point, a single new checkpoint adds roughly 50 minutes to the data generation time on an RTX 4090 GPU, and adding a new prompt adds over 4 hours. Therefore, we tried to be somewhat selective with checkpoints, with the following principles:

Details and Source Code

Both the code generation of images and the web application you are looking at right now are open source, and available on GitHub:

The source provides even more details on the methodology, and of course allows you to contribute.


Currently, Checkpoint Arena features 59 checkpoints (20 photorealistic, 23 anime style, and 16 other), and a set of 13 positive prompts, for a total of 13806 generated images. The dataset was generated on Mon Aug 07 2023.


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Checkpoint Arena is brought to you completely ad- and monetization-free through the generous support of PH3 GmbH.

Dataset date: Mon Aug 07 2023
Checkpoint Arena on GitHub